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the powerful R&D capability of Huada Chem

Powerful R&D Strength Of Huada Chemical Group

Innovation and R&D are the first engines of the development of an enterprise. We pay high attention to the innovation and continuing to invest and enhance our R&D.

Until the third season of 2016,Huada Group has invested over 100 million RMB in order to establish Yantai, Changshu, and Lishui three R&D bases. The area of R&D which on use is over 2,000 square meters. All of the three bases are equipped with complete synthesis devices and analyzing devices. We have a professional scientific research team of more than 70 people with a complete knowledge hierarchy centered by PhDs, masters, and bachelors. Our researchers have high comprehensive quality, with many years of polyurethane resin R&D experience and production practice experience, which enabled our products to continue to promote innovation, update, and constantly open up new product areas, to better and continuing to meet the changing requirements of downstream customers, maintain a considerable advantage in the our industry.

Throughout years of efforts of our R&D team, we achieved fruitful scientific and technical results. In the developing process, we obtained 16 patents, applied and be permitted as "Shandong science and technology project" and "Yantai science and technology planning project". Jiangsu Huada, especially, achieved 28 conversion works of technology result within only 5 years, and awarded panty of designations like "Technological Private Enterprise", "Engineering technology center of Suzhou", and "Jiangsu high-tech Enterprise". Jiangsu Huada has applied five "Jiangsu high-tech products" which are all have been confirmed and gained "Advanced technology product identification certificate" which is issued by the Department of science and technology of Jiangsu province.

We have laid out ahead of schedule, at the same time, aiming at the common problems and development trend of the industry. After years of concentrated research and laborious exploration, we have successfully launched dry and wet production processes of waterborne polyurethane resin for leather production. we have successfully developed dry foaming technology of waterborne polyurethane resin and production technology of waterborne super-fiber synthetic leather, which has provided a systematic solution for the upgrading of China domestic PU synthetic leather production. This improvement will lead and promote the technological transformation of the whole industry and promote the polyurethane tannery industry to bid farewell to pollution and move towards the road of green, environment-friendly, sustainable and healthy development.