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       Zhejiang Huada Resins co., LTD is located in shuige industrial park, Lishui, Zhejiang.It was built in November 2005 and put into commissioning in October 2006, covering an area of 7.74 acres.The registered capital is 20 million yuan and the total investment is 50 million yuan.The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of polyurethane resin for artificial leather, polyurethane resin for soles and polyester polyol resin. The current production capacity is 80,000 tons / year.

       The company is based on the technology of Dainippon Ink and Chemicals, Inc.(DIC), also integrates and grafts Korea's advanced technology.After digestion and absorption and independent innovation, it has formed a stable and advanced Huada technology system.The product quality meets or exceeds DIC enterprise standard.

       With the support of policy of Lishui municipal party committee and municipal government, and with the joint efforts of huada group. After the company was officially put into operation, it only took one year to achieve the top five profit and tax income of enterprises in lishui economic development zone.In recent years, the company through the scientific research, production, enterprise culture and other aspects of the construction, step by step and steady, into a rapid growth period.

       1. Technology research and development Since its establishment, the company has invested more than 4 million yuan to build a research and development center, equipped with advanced experimental, testing, pilot equipment.After several years of hard work, the company's products have grown from the first dozen formulas to hundreds of formulas.In the market, developed a high-performance and high peel products.Especially in the fields of clothing, bags, sofas, suede, PVC, high-gloss mirrors, surface treatment agents and other fields have made great achievements.Since 2015, the company has been focusing on “super-fiber leather”, “imitation super product”, “water-based and solvent-free”.Launched a series of special products with high hydrolysis resistance, high physical properties, dry adhesives, special adhesives and high elasticity.Filled the gaps in related fields in China.

       2. Safety production The company always puts safety first, pays close attention to safety production management, and strives to build “Safe Huada”.The company requires that, regardless of the cost of investment in safety, all safety facilities must be ready before the follow-up work.For safety, the company has a set of effective safety management methods, emergency plans and management system.In the daily production, equipment maintenance, raw materials and finished products storage or get out which have the corresponding specific measures.The company is equipped with sprinklers, fire hydrants, foam hydrants and various fire extinguishers in key areas such as tank farms.And in the production workshop is equipped with equipment fault alarm system, safety valve system, electrostatic grounding and lightning protection system, gas component detection and alarm system and intelligent power system.This year, the company invested more than 900,000 yuan to upgrade to automated production equipment, greatly improving production efficiency and reducing the labor intensity of employees.

       3. Staff life Since 2009, the company has successively built billiard room, table tennis room, reading room, multimedia room and other facilities.And successively invests five million yuan for the company's backbone and staff's apartment house.Continuously improve and optimize employees' leisure cultural life and dwelling conditions.The company strives to create an environment of “integrity, safety, technology, and harmony”.Committed to the company's stable, sustainable and efficient development.The company will continue to adhere to the "integrity-based, quality first" purpose.Win the trust of customers with excellent quality, reasonable price and best service.Create more value and give back to society.

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Zhejiang Huada Resins co., LTD

Zhejiang Huada Resin Co., Ltd.


Address: No. 99, Yunjing Road, Shuige Industrial Park, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province

Zip code:323000